78% of adults look up info about people or businesses on Google before working with them (Harris Interactive). Yet, 98% of users do not go past page the first page of a search result page (AOL). If you, or your business is suffering online reputation damage, there is a solution. We remove information in Google search results .

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About Us

We are a boutique agency doing only reverse SEO work. Right now it’s just our founder and a couple of part time helpers but we are growing fast! The founder of the company is an Internet Marketing Professional with 20 years of experience in Search. He has been a professor at Concordia’s John Molson School of Business and McGill University.

While a lot of people can do SEO, Reverse SEO takes special talent. Our founder started focusing on Reverse SEO in 2013 when he saw how publicly available information was branding people in the most horrendous way. See his linkedin profile to read more about him.

If you are suffering from damaging results on the first page of Google, we can help!

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