78% of adults look up info about people or businesses on Google before working with them (Harris Interactive). Yet, 98% of users do not go past page the first page of a search result page (AOL). If you, or your business is suffering online reputation damage, there is a solution. We remove information in Google search results .

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Welcome to our Blogger feed. You will find intereting facts about our online reputation management work in particular the practise of reverse seo.

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Offending Page URL

August 6, 2015

Removing court information from google

We can help you remove court information from google search. Here is recent work we have been doing. This is how the client search result look like when we first met him. The offending search […]

August 6, 2015

Reverse SEO

Hi Everyone, I am starting this blog called reverse seo. Why am I calling it Reverse SEO? As we all know SEO is search engine optimization. That’s the art of pushing up search results at […]