78% of adults look up info about people or businesses on Google before working with them (Harris Interactive). Yet, 98% of users do not go past page the first page of a search result page (AOL). If you, or your business is suffering online reputation damage, there is a solution. We remove information in Google search results .

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What is reverse seo?

The same way SEO is designed to push up search results, reverse SEO is designed to push down search results. The techniques used in pushing search results down the page have been perfected by our founder, a 20 year veteran of web search.

We are working on our Q& A section. If you have questions please so not hesitate to ask us and it will help us build out this section 🙂

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1. Do you guarantee results?

Yes. We are the only contigency based reverse seo and online reputation company. If we do not remove the results you want from Google’s first page within the quoted time frame we will WORK FOR FREE UNTIL WE DO!

2. Why not just ask google to remove the information?

In short. Google will not remove information that is in the form of an attack or might even be slander. As frustrating as this might be. We will leave it to head of Google search Matt Cutts to explain this.

3. How Long Does It Take?

The process of removing information from Google varies. Some cases can be difficult as attacks gain traction with the Google algorithm (see the presentation below). If you’re victim of an attack, don’t let it linger. Generally, the positive effects of reverse seo takes a few weeks. We understand that for our client, reputation is important, we do our best to manage the crisis quickly.